CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is an application development framework, which can be used to develop websites, using PHP. It is an Open Source framework. It has a very rich set of functionality, which will increase the speed of website development work. If you know PHP well, then CodeIgniter will make your task easier. It has a very rich set of libraries and helpers. By using CodeIgniter, you will save a lot of time, if you are developing a website from scratch. Not only that, a website built in CodeIgniter is secure too, as it has the ability to prevent various attacks that take place through websites.
Enterprise Applications

Our CodeIgniter-based enterprise applications are built with utmost perfection to include all high-end, complex functionalities.

Web Portals

Our web portals are crafted to accommodate varied business requirements and deliver most efficient solutions across the niche.

Corporate Applications

Applications for corporate use are developed with PHP CodeIgniter and MySQL for optimal and robust performance.

How We Do it?

Our Philosophy starts-and-ends at Client-first approach. Be it understanding your business requirements to choosing the right technologies, we work as a collective team that takes all the possible steps to grow continuously towards our common goal. Our work process promotes flexibility and we maintain high level of discipline at different levels of execution.
MVC Architecture Support 99%
Security 97%
User Interface 95%


  • CodeIgniter uses the Model-View-Controller approach, which allows great separation between logic and presentation.
  • CodeIgniter assists the developer to build core libraries for the system and enables you to integrate your own existing scripts with database.
  • CodeIgniter comes with full-range of libraries that enable the most commonly needed web development tasks, like accessing a database, sending email, validating form data, maintaining sessions, manipulating images
  • CodeIgniter uses a segment-based approach Rather than using the standard “query string” approach to URLs.


  • CodeIgniter does not support modular separation of code by default. Hence, programmers have to put extra time and effort to maintain or update the code.
  • CodeIgniter are not as exhaustive as the libraries provided by modern PHP frameworks.

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